VOGFASHION Women's Spring and Summer 2013 new catalog

VOGFASHION brand women represent a modern urban middle-class fashion trend of high-class groups, living in the urban intellectual class, the pursuit of high quality of life, advocating fashion trends, cherish the spiritual life is the modern intellectual groups highlight the self-personality and taste of the wonderful embodiment. 2013 spring and summer wear, VOGFASHION modern intellectual group to provide a wide range of product mix with the portfolio so that you become the focus of Hyun charm!

Description: Custom Rubber Label products

1) 3D Silicone label which are made from 100% eco-friendly silicone rubber.

2) It has good elastic feature which can be sew on the bag, garment, shoes directly.

3) It is washable.

4) Color logo which is more striking.

5) Custom orders for kinds of size, color, shape are availbe.

6) The 3D silicone labels can sew or directly stick on your bag, garment, shoes.

Rubber keychain tag Rubber keychain

Other rubber label highlights: 

1) Custom die cut shapes 

2) 3D effect using customized depth and height 

3) Customized sewing channels for easy sewing

4) 3M reflective if needed

Rubber label 5Rubber label 6

How to apply rubber label?

1) Sewing.

The easiest way to apply rubber label is to sew them on,sewing line will be made around the label for easy sewing.

2) Heat adhesive or sticker adhesive.

You also apply labels rubber label by heat adhesive or sticker adhesive,but heat adhesive might not be available for all applications.

3) Heat welding

Another option is use a heat welding machine.A thermo compression binds the rubber label with you garment,we can also heat weld the rubber on a piece of fabric for you as well.

How about rubber products packing and shipping ?

rubber label packing & shipping

Welcome to visit our factory any time !

YYX own more than 3000 square meters factory.

More than 10 years expreience of rubber labels.

Automatic injection production line,not manual injection

Products were exported to more than 60 countries till now .

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