Ten new bamboo underwear natural health new fashion

Bamboo healthy living underwear breathable moisture, containing bamboo fibers are known as the breathing of fibers, moisture absorption, moisture release, breathable performance ranks first in the major textile fibers. Natural Health Bamboo anti-oxidant compounds can effectively remove the body's free radicals and esters peroxides, bamboo fiber and can block strong carcinogens - nitrite ammonia compounds, not only can improve the body's immune system, but also with moisturizing the skin and Anti-aging effect.


Long-lasting antibacterial bamboo fiber with natural antibacterial, antibacterial effect. After repeated washing can still maintain a good antibacterial, antibacterial effect than adding antibacterial fiber more healthy and environmentally friendly.

天竹2012年新品内衣 天然保健新时尚

Soft and smooth Cinnabar fiber stability and uniform, soft touch, with a unique resilience, the fabric soft and smooth non-stick body and has a special silk texture.

Inlaid Bracelet

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