Round neck coat with a short jacket with what fall within the ride

Maybe, perhaps, you choose the style of children will like, children may not pay attention to how to wear their own, but they will have their own ideas, moms who do not know if children like what style, let watermelon prince Help you, watermelon princesses 2015 new fall clothing, with a round neck jacket with a good look. Little girls, little boys wear, a round neck jacket girls wear take, girls must be based on the sweet style, watermelon princesses children's round neck coat pink color, dotted with a hedge T Shirt, lower body with a primer skirt pants, lace skirt design is very sweet Oh, the early autumn season to quickly look to dress it. Boy round neck jacket with baseball uniform shape style, the main color of dark blue, colorful letters embellishment is very energetic, take the whole ride is full of pattern embellishment, the lower body with a red pants casual wear, watermelon Prince children's clothing is mainly the children's dress, the fashion wear. 2015 autumn dress watermelon prince.

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