Congratulations to Mei Mei 2014 winter new orders will come to a successful conclusion and received five new stores good news

Autumn September, a pleasant breeze in this season, KeMei be pro- women's dress curtain, held winter 2014 new orders will be. After the meticulous preparation of all the staff, September 26, 2014 KeMei befitting winter clothes scheduled to be held in the Mei Mei headquarters scheduled. The conference attracted many new and old customers can be pro and joined the franchisee throughout the country to participate.


On the eve of the conference, lively scene, endless stream of people. Franchisees from all over the country, leaving a big name on the signature board! As the music sounded and the rhythm of the show rhythm, the beautiful models wearing the 2014 winter series of elegant forward, triggering the audience's thunderous applause, accompanied by applause sounded new product release also successfully concluded.


KeMei May Mei 2014 winter new release successfully concluded, Mei Mei thank you for your support and trust! KeMei every time Mei Mei new product launch and ordering, there will always be numerous beautiful moments and surprises! !

The winter press conference continued to convey good news and good news, just two days signed a new five stores: Hubei Huangshi shop, Foshan Chancheng shop, Foshan Nanhai shop, Shaoguan Qijiang shop, Qingyuan Qingcheng shop. The next time, we all believe there will be more and more KeMei Mei Mei stores across the country competing to open.

With the continuous improvement of the brand awareness of KeMei women , the brand culture enjoys popular support and the quality of excellence is greatly favored by franchisees and customers and won a good market reputation. With the rapid pace of development in the women's market place.

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