Filial Piety dedicated to parents: Department of filial piety Foundation formally established the first welfare has been added to their parents account

Filial piety dedicated to parents: Department of filial piety Foundation was formally established, the first welfare has been included in the parent account

Recently, the Department of love partners are subject to a warm, loving message, "Department of Love Fashion has deposited your parents bank account 210 yuan, the purpose of Department of filial piety filial fund", filial piety fund the first batch of benefits have entered the staff Parental account.

The ancient saying goes, "The sheep have the grace of kneeling on their knees and the crows have the meaning of repaying." In order to carry forward the traditional virtues of honorific respect and honor for the Chinese nation, guide and help employees to honor their parents and care for the elderly, and further enhance their understanding of family, business and society In September 2014, the Department of Love decided to set up a "filial piety fund" - advocating and implementing 7 yuan a day, adding a dish for parents and the elderly, giving thanks for practical actions and repaying parents for their children's rearing grace.


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"In the big family, small partners are from all over the country, almost no one is a native, a few rare home a few times a year, in order to be able to give my colleagues away from home, as well as colleagues, parents (at home, the elderly) to do something, Department of Love set up a special "filial piety fund", the monthly entry to the official staff of the parent account into 210 yuan, with modest, to help you make every effort to filial piety, micro-solution to small partners to worry about .Among them, the monthly 210 yuan filial piety fund (Xiamen) Fashion Co., Ltd. and its employees will each be responsible for 50% of their respective accounts, and will be remitted monthly to the bank account of employee's parents (or other dependents and guardians) by the company's finance department. "

孝心献给父母:系恋孝心基金正式成立 首批福利已入父母账户

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Department of Fashion Center, a small business partner joked that "the welfare to catch up with the state-owned enterprises, the amount of small, compassion can Kam" To be honest, busy we, if not particularly necessary, it is difficult to do monthly deposit for parents Now as long as the corresponding documents, companies have helped us to do, filial piety and peace of mind! The company has such a very warm heart, but also wish the company thriving "

孝心献给父母:系恋孝心基金正式成立 首批福利已入父母账户

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Love since the brand was founded, has been practicing the "love, dreams, responsibility," the brand concept. Love is great love. It is not only love, it is love for cause, love for everybody around. Dream is the expectation of the future, the power of advance, and the strong belief. Responsibility is to play, everyone should do their due responsibility for themselves, their families, their careers, their society and their country, and actually do it. The "filial piety fund" was established, once again confirms the strong core of the brand!


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