LALABOBO×Pink Panther jointly returns, opening a new retail model of word-of-mouth

Recently, LALABOBO once again teamed up with the internationally renowned IP image Pink Panther to create a trendy series with the theme of [60's Superstar]. Use colorful prints to meet trendy silhouettes to create a unique retro world, which will take you into a world full of pink bubbles with a little arrogant "Aussie actor".

The LALABOBO×Pink Panther series has also been loved by many celebrity friends once it was released. Zhu Zhengting, VAVA, Bao Wenjing, Li Boer, Hu Ke, Zhang Ting, Li Yixiao, Chen Yanfei and other celebrity friends and KOL fashion bloggers are the first to demonstrate trendy styles.

The original women's fashion brand LALABOBO was born in 2009. As early as its establishment, it was committed to creating a unique light luxury fashion brand. LALA and BOBO are the incarnations of "self" and "self". The collision of the two sides keeps the brand from oxidizing and growing. Insisting on integrating "bold and interesting" into the design, using a unique design language to create a self-contained LABO style, and constantly encouraging consumers to maintain curiosity and love for the world.

In 2021, LALABOBO will vigorously expand its new retail business. The classic boyfriend version jeans were sold out in seconds when they were put on the live broadcast room. After the epidemic, LALABOBO started a battle with new retail, and word-of-mouth new retail opened a new mode of clothing brand marketing.


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