Benetton spring and summer 2012 children's clothing sprouting fresh

Children will love the fresh, comfortable, beautiful appearance of the collection and use them to showcase their taste and creativity. Each theme has a very special source of inspiration, but to be interpreted in different ways: the girl spring time. The first signal of the spring footprint in the city mixes the colors of the winter end (beige and reddish) with the basic colors of childhood (red and blue) in spring colors (sour green and white blossoms). Simple basic match, well-made coat with indigo jeans. Plain colors with a variety of stripes and wavelet points. Provence flowers bloom in spring; bouquet and colorful colors printed on a light dress, skirt, petticoat and light linen shirt, with light blue jeans. T-shirt with romantic Sarah Kay print. Provence colors: green, blue, pink and lavender purple. Break dance rock style of the 1980s. Contrast mashups show: black and white, lace and hole denim, candy colors and hard details, here and there, Mickey and Minnie mouse patterns. Tight jeans, tutu, boyish shirts and cascading T-shirts. Little dancers dance is a ballet, and the wardrobe is a party dress. Silk, chiffon and cotton dress with trim and folds, cascading and flounces. Sweatshirts and ballet shoes are printed on the sweater to give a refined, elegant feel in complete gray-blue, pink and blue. Greetings from Capri Summer heat is approaching, the island of Naples is evoking the color of the sea: the first pair of shoes, cotton cloth, muslin and thin denim pants, skirts and girls. Plus sleeveless shirt and school uniform-like dress. Thin denim uniform jacket can be worn in cooler weather. Among Capri's best traditions, plaid and navy stripes match strawberry and cherry in the garden. Boy British club. Warm weather is approaching, children's wardrobe ready to show serious British school style. Both exercise and elegant, both stress and informal. Luxury fabrics, linen Basic colors - beige, dark blue and mauve - make jackets, casuals, shirts and bermuda shorts. Knit sweater on the extremely British diamond pattern and jacquard stripes convey a campus style. rural. The Provence Boys edition of the spring collection features Camargue colors. Various lengths of washed khakis, hole jeans with printed shirts and linen sweaters. The country coat is a gray, thick cotton jacket that conveys the sailor or naval officer's temperament. Off-white tone evokes the feeling of dust and damp earth. College wind. American-style spring collection with casual feel and bright colors. Large pocket pockets made of cotton or shredded or plain denim; thick or thin sweaters with sweaters. Woolen tops and T-shirts are printed and decorated in a college style, sometimes with a Mickey Mouse motif for childhood memories. Traveling in California. Summer is approaching, and we are beginning to evoke a holiday mood and get inspiration from holiday travel. Nostalgic clothes, great comfort. Cotton locomotive and super anti-tear field jacket, to withstand the sudden heavy rain; camouflage patterns and do not focus on painting patterns. Neutral colors are used with a few wipes yellow and cyan. City Adventure Summer adventure travel to the African savannah. Clever camouflage - green, sand and camouflage prints - worn on trousers and Bermudas shorts, while the T-shirt shows bold yellow, grass green, orange and cornflower blue accents. Most fabrics are denim holes. Classic coast. Summer without the sea is not the perfect summer. So, California, with its endless beaches, palm trees and surfboards, takes us to the colorful printed T-shirt world: teal, mauve and green. Multi-pocket shorts are printed in camouflage patterns with hibiscus or sailing versions, blue. Shirt pattern is brightly colored Scottish grid.

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