Karman brand women's apparel industry a dazzling pearl

Since its establishment in 1997, Caman branded women's clothing company has adhered to its leading operation concept and pragmatic, efficient and people-oriented enterprise spirit. Caman branded women's wear insisted on keeping pace with fashion counterparts and was determined to innovate so that Carameng's business developed steadily. Caman became an apparel Industry a dazzling pearl.

卡蔓 - Carmen

Karman brand women's business has CARMEN, SANOS, A. DESIGN and Bo Ti four independent Karman womens brand, are renowned in the women's clothing market, including CARMEN brand of products, with extraordinary taste and distinctive style Women's fashion industry's high profile, Karman brand women's unique design concept reflects the Western culture and the traditional oriental charm of the clever combination of elegant and full of passion, favored by the Oriental fashion women. Karman Women CARMEN brand in the Mainland has won the "Chinese famous brand" "outstanding women's brand in Guangdong Province" "TVB International Miss Chinese campaign designated clothing sponsor" and other awards.

Karman branded women's apparel companies have accelerated their international operations. The Hong Kong operations headquarters set up a brand operation center vertically in mainland China. Karman set up a research and development, manufacturing and logistics base in Humen, the capital of China's fashionable ladies, and the network of Karman branded apparel markets expanded rapidly Reached China, Southeast Asia and other regions, and now Karman apparel has more than 100 sales terminals. Karman, a glow with vitality and passion of the outstanding garment enterprises, are pioneers in the passion for work in all parts of the world, for all the beauty of women bring a charming dress experience!

Auto Lock Slider(A/L Slider)

Auto lock slider which is the one of the main branch of Zipper slider. There is a small spring stopper hidden in the slider cover, under the force of this spring stopper, the zipper can be self-stopping, and the the stopper can be automatically embedded between the chain locking teeth. When opening or closing the zipper, lift and pull the tab can drive the stopper away from the zipper chain teeth, then the zipper can be smooth again. Auto lock sliders were used in garment production for large quantity. 

Classification of Auto Lock Slider

The Auto Lock sliders have a lot of types:

1. one way A/L slider

2. two way A/L slider

3. reversible A/L Slider

4. YG Slider

auto lock sliders auto lock slider
reversible sliders

YG Slider

Auto Lock Slider

Auto Lock Slider,Automatic Lock Slider,Auto Lock Zipper Slider

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