ABC collocation Xiaodamen internationalization lead children trend

The ABC Creativity Contest is now in full swing with the Darter Network Solicitation Contest, which not only attracted tens of thousands of domestic collocations, but also attracted a large number of foreign children to participate as if it were a truly international game. It is understood that since the ABC held with the activities of people since the fourth generation in many parts of the brand terminal image store, there are children from abroad through the "ABC • Fashion Shop" to upload pictures to participate in the match with the small network contest , These foreign children through the selection of ABC2013 spring and summer new, free tide ride, photo shoot competition, "international exchange" strong atmosphere. ABC with small people ABC • Fashion shop group entries With the continuous development of high technology, the Internet, the space-time distance between people suddenly shortened at home and abroad The communication between the distance is constantly tightening. Under this influence, the phenomenon of foreign children's coming to China for study and exchange is becoming more and more common. ABC as the world's most common language symbol, itself across geographical boundaries, ABC brand "love, let TA to create ideas," the brand concept, but also won the recognition and love of parents around the world. Analysis of the industry believes that the growing influence of the Chinese brand in the world, is an important reason for the event to attract many international friends participating. Just as the influence of "Disney" in Chinese children's minds, ABC children's clothing is being recognized by foreign children and parents and is leading the way to internationalization.

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